Rolling Kitchen Island

You can open up your space and add extra counters, shelving and cabinets with kitchen island or kitchen carts. A kitchen island with seating also provides a place for your family to sit, eat and socialize. Top one off with butcher block and install a sink, and you’ve also got a lovely space for preparing […]

San Francisco Kitchen Nashua Nh

To make a quality sushi you need not only fresh seafood but also an artistic eye, said Bastian DiCaprio, owner of San Francisco Kitchen in Nashua. “Anybody can take fresh fish and put it on a plate, but it’s an art to be able to cut the fish and present it so it looks beautiful […]

Living Room Curtains At Walmart

Help your windows stand out with curtains and window treatmentsThere are many times at home when it's ideal to have your windows open and let the sunshine and the breezes come in freely. However, there are times, when the weather is stormy, when you're trying to get some sleep or just times when you want […]

Kitchen Island Dimensions

2 × Size, Placement and Storage Size, Placement and Storage Illustration by Duo Dickinson Shoehorning an island into a kitchen that’s too small is a mistake. Here are the minimum clearances the author uses between islands and cabinets, as well as minimum sizes for islands with different uses. Remember, these are minimums; it’s better to […]

Bar Stools Kitchen

rowse from an extensive selection of bar stools for your home, office, restaurant, café or diner. The number of styles and options are limitless to outfit your kitchen, bar or game room with high quality counter height stools and chairs. You can even choose stools for different uses like a breakfast bar stool! And you […]

Bedroom Vanity With Lights

Bedroom Vanities A bedroom vanity is a must-have item for every fashionista. A makeup vanity with mirror works in a large master bedroom or bathroom. A bedroom vanity offers the perfect perch for getting ready for a night out on the town. Read More An antique bedroom vanity blends right into a room full or […]

Dining Room Buffet Ikea

Sideboards and buffet cabinets are chic and efficient ways to store kitchen, dining and living room accessories ranging from table linens to board games. You’ll find sideboard styles and buffet table sizes to fit just about any space, so here are a few things to consider when deciding on what sort of sideboard buffet or […]

Bpa Free Food Storage

3) BPA-free plastic containers: As a rule of thumb, plastic will always be less eco-friendly than glass, but you’ll especially want to avoid anything containing Bisphenol A, or BPA. This past September, Canada banned BPA as a toxic substance, and it’s illegal in baby bottles there and in the European Union. The FDA also raised […]

Moroccan Living Room Furniture

What is it about our homes that we love? Normally, they fulfill our most basic desire for warmth, shelter, and secrity. They also refect ou truest feelings about what?s important to us. The living room is a place to work, relax and play. It? also the room where friends and family come together, a living […]

Black Ants In Kitchen

Little Black Ants Facts, Identification & Control Scientific Name: Monomorium minimum Appearance Little black ants are small and dark-brown, black or jet black in color and are a native species found throughout the United States. The workers are as small as 1.5 mm in length, and queens can measure up to 4 mm. Their antennae […]